Founded in 2009

We've been helping businesses succeed for over 10 years.

Part Consultancy, Part Agency. Full Service.

We are creatively driven—and all our work is informed by blending creative thinking and technology to solve business problems.

Brandknew was founded in 2009 to fill the gap for companies needing reliable, strategic partners in the field of digital technologies. Since then Brandknew has grown into an independent full-service digital agency and is proud to have worked with some of the world’s most recognisable brands, local start ups and charities across a multitude of industries.
With a perfect balance of part-agency and part-consultancy, Brandknew’s strategic and creative approach to solving the most complex business problems comes down to three simple core principles; thinking, planning and doing.
Our team consists of top level thinkers, designers, marketers and coders who are passionate about digital technologies. Following the Hollywood model we also partner with the best in the industry to ensure our clients have access to excellence. Only by gathering people with such unique skill sets, we are able to produce the best solutions for our clients and their customers.

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